Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Latest Review

By: Jeanmarie Hamilton
Part of the Northern Roses and Southern Belles Anthology
Published by: The Wild Rose Press
Reviewed by: Sarah Simas
The Lovestruck Novice

I was introduced to Jeanmarie Hamilton by way of author Diana Cosby’s Newsletter. The Fates seemed to align and I won her debut novel, SEDUCTION. After reading the first few chapters, I was seduced by Jeanmarie’s fresh voice.

Intrigued by her flesh and blood characters and inventive plot-lines, I didn’t hesitate to read ARE YOU GOING TO THE DANCE, Jeanmarie’s contribution to The Northern Roses and Southern Belles Anthology published by The Wild Rose Press.
When a band of raiders invade the township, Lexie Perreau is forced to stand her ground against her town and the local militia in defense of her Lipan neighbors. Lexie, a courageous spitfire, strives to convince the militia leader, Clayton Majors, the peaceful natives are innocent of marauding local farms.

Clayton Majors carries a heavy burden. Widely respected for his forthright genteel, he’s been charged with hunting down the band of raiders. Despite himself, Clay is unable to deny his attraction to the woman who thwarts all his good intentions― the spirited Lexie Perreau. Flaring tempers give way to a fiery passion, but is the budding romance between Clay and Lexie strong enough to survive the differences threatening to separate them?

Well-written and nicely edited, ARE YOU GOING TO THE DANCE is guaranteed to please. I delighted in watching Clay and Lexie turn their attraction into an ever-lasting kind of love. As a writer, I marveled Jeanmarie’s obvious talent and love of writing.I would highly recommend Jeanmarie’s books to readers for the masterful story-telling and to writers as a showcase on how to successfully apply craft. Grade: A


  1. Great review, Sarah! I've read Jeanmarie's story and it definitely deserves an A.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I, too, am a fan of Jeanmarie Hamilton's writing. Her love of western and her own family's history combine to make really intimate stories. And that's what we're looking for in romance. Intimacy between the characters.

    And congratulations Jeanmarie for the A. :-)

    Jane Leopold Quinn

  3. I've read Jeanmarie's story, too, and agree, Sarah! (Course I love all the stories in our anthology lol) She has a lovely way to telling a story.

  4. I'm also a fan of Jeanmarie! Great review, Sarah!

  5. Lovely review for a great story!
    Jeanmarie is a spellbinding storyteller! I loved ARE YOU GOING TO THE DANCE!